First, this:


Welcome to BarBird.

My name is Pierce Lamb. I am 25 years old. Pierce’s Twitter

Pierce Lamb while in MBA school

I came up with the idea for BarBird at a Cyborg Anthropology Conference when I was thinking about how often I want to go to the bars, but have no direction on where to go. I knew that I often tend to go places after a friend tells me about a band playing or a deal at a bar that will allow me to buy cheaper drinks or not have to pay a cover (or girls???). These sorts of events always give me a reason to end up at a certain bar. So I wondered: is there any way I could build a service that would allow me to see these ‘events’ in my city, in aggregate, in real time? Over the next three hours, ‘BarBird’ came into existence. Luckily, for an idea guy like myself, I had my good friend Daniel Starling there with me. Daniel is 23 years old.

Daniel in Bend Oregon Celebrating the holidays

Daniel and I met online playing Quake 2 Digital Paintball together way back in middle school (who said gaming couldn’t be useful?). We had worked on projects together remotely before, and just met ‘in real life’ in September of 2010 when he moved to Portland to pursue the entrepreneurship dream with me. He has been the technical lead on BarBird since that conference.

The two of us live and work together in the same house in the hills of NW Portland. You can talk to us in real time if you press the ‘ contact us’ button on the BarBird page (this is connecting to #barbird on irc.freenode.net).

A little background on us: I grew up in Portland, attended Reed College for a degree in Analytic Philosophy, then pursued my MBA at Pepperdine University. Daniel grew up in Arkansas and attended the University of Arkansas for a degree in Computer Science. While gaming is still one of our favorite past times (plug minecraft plug), we also love to get a big group of people together and go private karaoke-ing at voicebox in Portland!

Ah well, I wanted to keep this short so I didn’t get too many ‘TL;DR’s’. Feel free to chat with us via the contact us page or IRC!


4 Responses to About

  1. Congratulations on your launch of BarBird! It’s so cool to see such a slick and innovative product come out of a Tropo Open Government Hackathon! I love it!!!

  2. Very impressive site! I’m not sure how Fullsteam become a “hot tweet,” but I checked out the site and loved it! Great work.

  3. Hey Pierce its @caleryder from ziba.com. Amber Case connected me to you. We would love to chat with you about barbird very soon (This week, early next week) as part of some research. Contact me soon! It’s paid. 201 748 9285. Thanks.

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