BarBird launches analytics package for venues

Social media is one of the last great marketing frontiers for bar and restaurant owners. It is likely the cheapest, easiest way for bar and restaurant owners to get more customers in the door. We recognized this when we formed BarBird and thereby used social media to power our consumer applications. Along the crazy journey that we’ve had, we discovered that bar owners need and want as much help as they can get with utilizing social media to bring in new customers, and keep customers coming back. As such, we decided to use all the interesting data we had to build out a service that would do exactly that.

Today we are pleased to announce the soft launch of our social media analytics package for venues. The social media analytics space is quite crowded so we wanted to do things differently. First, clearly, we would focus on bars/restaurants and provide them with a short, efficient and affordable report — something that a manager or owner can scan through quickly and get everything valuable he or she needs to start using social media more effectively. Secondly, we have differentiated ourselves from other analytics providers by personalizing each report for our over 75,000 venues; by comparing any given venue with it’s top 8 local competitors on a number of key metrics, bar owners can easily what they can be doing better. We’ve seen that social media strategies tend to differ between cities and we wanted to capture the uniqueness of each city by basing the report on a comparison between competitors. The BarBird analytics report is provided in both free and premium versions, the latter including upgraded features. Some of those features are:

– Picking the top 8 competitors you want to compare to.

– How do you rank vs your top 8? Vs the entire city?

– Who writes the most valuable updates? What are those updates?

– Customer feedback across 4 different networks for you and your competitors

– Actionable intelligence. An area where BarBird interprets the data for you.

Moreover, as we continue to release new features in the future, those that purchase now will be grandfathered into the updates. As venue owners begin to adopt our report, the content within our consumer apps will become measurably better; a win-win for all of our users!

As for Chile, while there have been some surprises along the way, Daniel and I have settled into a routine that more or less reflects what we had in the US. We’ve been working on our espanol and our salsa hips! We love South America and plan to spend much more time down here– the culture and people are amazing! One of our favorite things to do is to go karaoke’ing on the weekends– it is extremely rare for people down here to hear popular songs from the US sung by native English speakers and we get treated like we’re rockstars 🙂

Daniel & Pierce karaoke'ing

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One Response to BarBird launches analytics package for venues

  1. Marshall says:

    Congrats on the launch, guys!

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