BarBird Moves to Chile

In late April we found out that we had been accepted to StartupChile. We had applied to many incubators, got accepted to a few, and StartupChile seemed to make the most sense. They invest the largest amount of capital into your startup and do not take any equity. All they ask is that you move to Chile for 6 months (what a great life experience). Moreover, being in Chile for six months will give us the chance to not only create a Spanish version of BarBird and saturate Santiago, but also expand to Spanish speaking countries worldwide. And– let’s face it, Latin people know how to fiesta :). Since StartupChile is run by the government of Chile, we will have access to a lot of connections and data that will make things easier, e.g. lists of bars in Santiago. We’re very excited about being immersed in Chilean culture and forging relationships with 110 other startups that will be attending. It will even allow us to make our first real hire!

It’s been a crazy month of trying to get a passport for Daniel in less than two weeks, tests, work visas and learning some Spanish. We’ve somehow pulled it off though and we’re leaving the country on May 30th.

Our main focus in Chile will be the Spanish version, releasing the first premium version of our analytics interface (launched beta a little while ago) and adding new features to our consumer apps. Expect some big changes in the upcoming months!

I’ll be starting a personal blog here soon to talk a little more about what’s gone on behind the scenes at BarBird for the past 7 months and also get some of our Chilean experience down on paper.

Daniel and I will be living right in the middle of Santiago in the Providencia district; we cannot wait!

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One Response to BarBird Moves to Chile

  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick says:

    Congratulations, guys! That’s so so awesome! I just got back from a week in Brazil and highly recommend checking in there, too. There’s a lot happening online and in mobile across South America and I bet you guys are going to have a great time exploring it! Please blog often and keep in touch! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read tweets from Portland bars now & think of your service fondly!

    Best wishes

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