BarBird launches geoloqi layer

We are happy to announce that we have pushed live a BarBird layer within the geoloqi iPhone app. Geoloqi is a location sharing platform that does things like mapping your past locations, checking you into venues automatically and placing ‘geonotes’ which enable you to receive a push or SMS once you’re within a certain radius of a location. Geoloqi is run by two awesome people: Amber Case & Aaron Parecki. As Portland natives, we have developed a friendship with them and respect them greatly. We plan to use the geoloqi platform in the future to power some really cool features for BarBird. However, building a layer was a much simpler process than what we have planned and we wanted the geoloqi users to get some value out of BarBird. So what is a geoloqi layer?

“A layer is a set of geocoded data that you can subscribe to.”

A what now? Ok, ok, in the context of BarBird, we’re able to pull messages from our database and put them inside the geoloqi app; this works purely because they’re geocoded: they have a latitude longitude associated with them (the venue’s latitude longitude they originated from). Now as geoloqi tracks my location, it can also push me those messages when they are near me. So we decided to use our algorithm that ranks tweets to place the highest ranking tweets within our BarBird layer; so as you move around with geoloqi, you’ll get pushed high-value messages near you. In other words, As I move around any of the 50 cities BarBird is in, I can get pushed valuable bar-related messages that are near me as long as I have the geoloqi app and have subscribed to the BarBird layer. We’ve been testing it in Portland and it is super cool.

We’ve also gone ahead and attached a ‘view’ button to each push message that will load that messages page in the BarBird mobile site. This allows you to get more details about the message, venue and get directions. Geoloqi layers are great because they allow us to get our valuable information to you without you needing to do anything. Technology getting out of the way.

So if you don’t have geoloqi make sure you go download their free app; you can subscribe to our layer by clicking this link -> Subscribe to BarBird’s Best Deals on Geoloqi! Please give us feedback on the layer, we will definitely tweak our ranking algorithm based on your feedback.

If you subscribe to the BarBird layer within the geoloqi app, you can receive real-time push updates about great local bar-deals happening near you.

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