BarBird–Memorable Nights

Memorable Nights

Since we started building BarBird, I’ve been thinking a lot about the simple vision behind the product. What exactly is that long-term underlying value that we’re trying to unearth using the web and make easy for our users? What was it exactly that drove me to come up with the BarBird idea and pursue it so earnestly?

That vision, I believe, is summed up by the phrase ‘Memorable Nights’. If you’re in the 21-35 range and have a tendency to check out the nightlife scene, you know what I’m talking about. Everyone has had one of those nights where they meet someone new, experience that capricious-yet-certain feeling of love at first sight, and go home with a big smile while clutching a phone number. Or maybe you go to happy hour and then out with a group of old friends from high school and have a great time reminiscing over old times and telling inside jokes. Or maybe you’ve had a bad week at work and you decide to go out dancing on Friday and manage to end up at a spot where the music is right, the volume is perfect and there is a certain authenticity in the air. Perhaps you take your friends out karaokeeing and end up buying everyone a bunch of drinks only to find that your drinks had been on special and your tab is much less than you thought. These are just a few examples of nights one might consider a ‘Memorable Night’. Memorable Nights cause you to wake up happy the next morning, feeling like last night made all those other boring, forgettable nights out worth it. In our experience, we found that these sorts of nights are rare at best. The majority of the time, we end up going out, spending a bunch of money we don’t have on covers, drinks & cabs and end up at home feeling foolish.

Memorable Nights are the motivation behind BarBird. Our goal is to increase the potential for having a ‘Memorable Night’ for a variety of people. We think there are a host of factors that go into making a night Memorable, but it begins with finding the right venue. Our entrance into this market is with a web and mobile app that gives people a better chance at finding the right venue. Whether it be drink specials, happy hours, or live music, we want people to begin their Memorable Night by seeing what’s around them and picking something that meets their preferences. We have a lot of plans for making this venue picking experience more robust and useful. Beyond that, we want to continue personalizing and socializing the experience of a night out. An obvious extension of this is making group communications easy since a night out rarely occurs without friends. Or maybe BarBird lets you chat with other BarBird users near you. We’re never short on ideas for how to make your nights out more Memorable, but we’d love to hear Memorable Nights you’ve had as well as what we can build to increase the chances of making your night out more Memorable!

Here’s a few of my own recent Memorable Nights:

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