BarBird Android App

As of today we have officially released the BarBird Android App. Like the iPhone app, the Android App allows you to view what is going on in real-time, in the nightlife scene, in your city. The functionality of the BarBird Android App is almost identical to the iPhone App, except with the native Android interactions included. In summary, there are two primary views, the list view and map view. The list view shows a stream of updates from bars/resto’s/clubs in your area and allows you to filter the stream based on happy hour’s, specials, live music, ladies nights, no cover, and events happening only on the night in question. The map view uses pins related to those six filters to show you what is happening near your location. The map view also has a ‘time-aware’ element to it where messages that are over 10 hours old start to become more transparent than more recent messages. From both views you can drill down to see more details on a venue and also get directions to that venue. For more details on the app functionality, check out our iPhone app description.

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