BarBird iPhone App

Happy hours? Drink Specials? Ladies Nights? Live Music? No Cover? If any of these phrases put a smile on your face, BarBird is the app for you.

BarBird provides a real-time picture of what is happening in the bar, restaurant & concert scene in your area so you can discover deals near you, save money and always know the next best place to go.

We went through years of indecisive, expensive nights-out and we wanted to make sure you never have to again. That is BarBird. We hope it puts a smile on your face!

How does it work?

BarBird consists of two fundamental views: ‘The List View’ and ‘The Map View’. The list view is very similar to any ‘stream’ of content one would see in today’s web. It streams tweets from twitter that are 140 characters or less. The purpose of the list view is to display what is happening right now in your city.

The map view displays a ‘Google-Maps-Like’ interface that centers on your location. Map pins are placed around you that you can press to see tweet details. From the tweet details pop-up, you can navigate to venue details and then to getting directions. The purpose of the map view is to see what is happening near you.

The list view and map view can both be filtered. Along the bottom of the BarBird app is a row of 6 buttons that filter results. ‘Happy Hour’, ‘Specials’, ‘Music’, ‘Ladies Night’, ‘No Cover’ and ‘Tonight’. These will return results that meet those filters. On the list view you will see a new list that displays only those results that you’ve selected. On the map view you will see icons displayed that match only the filter you’ve selected.

Both the list view and the map view have a ‘time-aware’ element to them. The purpose of this is so our users know when they’re potentially looking at stale data (tweets that no longer apply because they’re old). On the map view, icons become more transparent the older the tweet is. If a tweet is 10 hours old or older our users will begin to see transparency in the icons. In the list view, the time stamp on the tweet will change color and begin to fade.

The next thing on our list for the mobile world is producing an Android app. Hope everyone likes it!

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